Born January 26th, 1992, still growing up.

Human, runner, physicist. Finding my way through the world.

I seek experience as the possibility to live and learn the new.

I’ll tag for the unknown.

Running is not just a part of it. Rather, it is what defines it.

I was born to follow this dream.




I am a semi-professional athlete trying to balance work and training/racing time.

I live at the footstep of the Alps, near Como Lake, in a playground that offers a variety of surfaces and grades, from trail to tarmac. Something that I have always appreciated and has allowed me to develop the #anysurfaceavailable style that I pursue. Which is running fast and moving in agility in any kind of terrain.

My goal is to be the best “me” and to leave something worth to the sport of mountain running, that means giving an opportunity to athletes who will come after me.



Coach: Tito Tiberti

Team: Atletica Valle Brembana

Sponsor: Nike Trail

ITRA performance index: 915

177 cm x 57kg

PBs: 5000m 14:34  |  10k 29:47  |  half marathon 64:41



WMRA Athletes Commission member

Corsainmontagna contributor

Trofeo Jack Canali organizer

Médecins Sans Frontièrs supporter

Contact me for inquiries, collaborations or just to say hi!