Night of the 10000m PBs

Track running unlike any other


I know, it’s late, but I can’t skip going back to the amazing Night of the 10k PBs of last May.

Get a taste of the atmosphere from this great VIDEO!

And a hot report with super-cool pictures by @Strava here.



In Sonia O’Sullivan’s words, Night of the 10k PBs “showed just how engaging 10,000m running can be”. And it really was.

I ran Race C (fifth out of nine 10000m races) at 5.15 pm in the enthralling ambience of the Parliament Hill Athletic Track. It wasn’t the best temperature as the sun was still very high on the horizon, but everything else made up for the not-so-perfect climate.



Here are my km splits and final result:



It was a good race and, despite that nine kilometer which put out the possibilities to outrun my coach Tito’s 10000m PB, I managed the #kickoftheweek in the last km!



There are many features that make this event one of the greatest I’ve had the fortune to be part of in recent years.

The#Lane3BeerNCheer and the Lactic Tunnel of Love powered by Strava, two beer tents spanning across a section of the home and back straightaways, which runners go through on every lap, give you so much energy that you barely feel you’re already at the 5000m mark.



The competition is much centered on the runners and on their experience before, during and after the race. It’s not common to be able to run and be a spectator of the same event. While you grab a beer and a taco from the food stalls around the track, you can witness some real champions nailing 66” laps in sequence.



Race director Ben Pochee highlighted that running is much more about emotions than performance. He proved that an Olympic standard qualifying time can be achieved on a track with no stadium, the same very basic surface where recreational runners step on every day.




It was a night to remember. I also remember sleeping one night in Notting Hill and one night on Stansted Airport floor, but this is another story!



Thank you Ben Pochee, thank you London and Highgate Harriers! See you in the future..

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